Autoloader Screw Driver

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  • Autoloader Screw Driver
  • Autoloader Screw Driver
All screwdrivers in one package Super handy switch mechanism

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Product info

With the Autoloader you can ensure that your different screwdriver tips stay safe, and with it you can also switch them very handily and impressively!

The Autoloader - first of all this has to be one of the coolest names a product can have - is made for small home jobs, the boot of the car, a tool stash, for the summer cottage, and for the boat, as a general tool. It has six different tips for the most common chores and they're easy to switch, but much harder to lose. With the autoloader the tips are next to impossible to lose, since when you put on a new tip, the device sucks in the old tip. And pukes a new one out, conveniently ready for use.

The Autoloader uses standard size tips, so you can replace the included Phillips heads and flatheads with others you need more. The magnetic top end prevents your screws from falling of, and the ingenious design on the bottom provides a sturdy grip. The shape is ergonomic, and the Autoloader won't roll down tilted surfaces on its own. It's a must-have tool for any self-respecting man!

Choose between the Original and Precision versions. The latter is shipped with tips suitable for handling very small screws. The original is for more common screw sizes.
  • Large, small, and medium flat head and Phillips head screwdriver included
  • Standard-sized, so you can switch other six-based tips from your toolbox, if these are not enough
  • Only a few seconds to switch tips
  • Very sturdy tool, made for hard use


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