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What do we get when we combine some metal with a pen? 100% awesomeness. This metallic pen can write and act almost like a 2H pencil, but doesn't wear in use!

The Beta Pen is a metallic pen: the cool frame is anonised aluminum, the tip is metallic. Yes, made of metal. We won't give the details of the alloy mixture, but it's still metal. And when you write with this metallic pen, it doesn't wear. Well, it does in all honesty, but really slow. You can also write with it underwater, and the line drawn doesn't get stained. You can't erase the line either. You can only burn it. In fire.

We're pretty sure that this is the coolest pen ever, ever. It is perfect, because you don't have to sharpen it, and you can write with it upside down, in the water, upside down in the water, in the freezing cold, and in infernal heat, and on almost any surface as well! The best of both worlds, the pen and the pencil, combined into a perfect whole. Also available as a keychain version.
  • Frame made of anonised aluminum
  • The tip is a special metal mixture
  • The tip includes small amounts of lead
  • If you want to sharpen this for some reason, use sandpaper
  • What you write with it is Everlasting. No stains, no erasing, no evaporating
  • The keychain version includes a small gift box


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