Bios Urn For Pets

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  • Bios Urn For Pets
  • Bios Urn For Pets
  • Bios Urn For Pets
  • Bios Urn For Pets
  • Bios Urn For Pets
Give a reason for your pets final journey Bios Urn grows a tree when burried The urn itself doesn't have expiration date You can change the seed to suit your likings

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When a beloved pet leaves his earthly travels, for most it's a very hard place and longing is imaginable. The earthly remains of pets are often cremated and buried, for example in his favorite place in own yard.

Bios Urn offers a great way to remember your beloved pet. What is Bios Urn? Bios Urn is a company established by the Spanish Moliné brothers 15 years ago, offering 100% biodegradable urns that, when burried, grows a tree from them, or any plant you choose.

Bios Urn consists from two parts: the urn, where the pet's ashes are placed, and a cylinder containing the soil mix, in which the seed is implanted. Includes oak, maple or pine seed, so if you are using the seed supplied, check what is the right place to plant the tree you choose.

You can change the seed as said, and if you are not immediately using your urn, it is advisable to change the seed. Bios Urn itself doesn't have best before dates. Could there be any nicer way to remember your pet than to give it a new life as a plant. "Death is nothing but a word, a concept created by the human mind, the only fact is life."
  • Last resting place for your pet
  • Urn which grows a tree or plant of your choise
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Seeds to choose from: oak, pine and maple
  • Let the death give birth to life
  • The urn has no best before date
  • You can change the seed 


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