Blair's Ultra Death Sauce

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Blair's Ultra Death Sauce sounds ominous and also looks like it. This is shipped in a showy box that looks like a coffin. The sauce has some serious kick to it.

Blair's Sauces & Snacks is a brand that makes your mouth watery if you've ever tasted their products before. Blair is known for bringing us sauces with an infernal kick and vulcanic activity. This Ultra Death Sauce has a scary name, since it's quite hot. The scoville score is around 800 000. The tasty sauce goes great with most dishes, but we recommend diluting it with olive oil, brown sauce, mustard, or ketchup. If you add it to a dish raw, we recommend using max 1 drop initially.
  • Sauce per bottle ca. 1.5 deciliters
  • Shipped in a fine gift box (coffin)
  • Hot. A white face will turn red fast, ugh
  • Not for people with heart or respitory system conditions
  • Don't leave in places where kids can reach it
  • Don't handle the sauce with bare hands
  • Don't let the sauce have contact with mucous membranes
  • An ominous skull hangs from the neck of the bottle
  • Ingredients: Habanero pepper, salt, cayanne pepper, natural aromas, vinegar, serrano pepper, corn starch, garlic, jolokia pepper, spices


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