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While looking for new products and writing strange product descriptions we often get thirsty. If you think we're brisk and nice you can buy us a beer!

So nice of you to open this product card! Maybe you love our pages and things... or maybe we've done something very well... would you like to tap us on the shoulder? Why not buy us a beer. We are friends with beers. And they with us.

As thanks for buying us some beer, we will add your name and place of residence to this product card (in the Finnish description), and make a tribute of your action on our Facebook pages. We may even make a video testimonial while enjoying the beer you bought us. Cheers!

Please note that while buying us beer, you should do it with a regular order with tangible products. That's because this "tip" -product has the postal fees as any other regular product.
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  • You get to feel good and your friends at Pulju get a beer (or a few)
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