Cajohns The Reaper Puree

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Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper Scovilles to used chillies average 1.474 million

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Cajohns Reapers main ingridient is Smokin 'Ed's Carolina Reaper Chilli, which has a scoville rating of about 1.5 million. Carolina Reaper has been seleceted to be world's hottest chilli.

This small detail ensures that this is a jar full of fire that should be used with care. Ingredients in it's simplicity are Carolina Reaper Chilli, and vinegar.
  • Smokin 'Ed's Carolina Reaper
  • The Carolina Reaper Chili average for Scoville is 1.474 million
  • Bottle has 59ml of fire
  • Use with caution and don't go crazy


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