Chalk Chess

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Chess, the father, mother, uncle, and bastard child of all strategy games - Finally we have an instant chess board for all imaginable situations. Just draw an 8x8 grid on the ground, colour every other square, and the game can begin!

What could be handier than a a small game of outdoors chess? It might be more difficult in the winter, but you could find a suitable spot in the snow or in the hockey rink with luck. The idea behind Chalk Chess is: the pieces are made of chalk, so you can use them to scribble a chess board on the road, a small opening, on stone surfaces, on top of rocky hills, or on any hard surfaces - the next rain will rinse the board away, so you won't (probably) even get charged for vandalism because of your chess match.

In any case, the Chalk Chess is a great gift for any chess lover or anybody with a good sense of humour.
  • The game of games!
  • The pieces wear out very slowly
  • Black and white pieces
  • Made of chalk
  • Shipped in an ecological but stylish brown cardboard box
  • Great bribe
  • There's no board in the set. You draw it somewhere with the pieces


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