Cork Globe

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Traditional style with a modern twist Globe is made out of cork! Needles and pins will attach with ease You can pinpoint the places where you have been Also, as it is cork, you can use it for notes!

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Pinpoint Your Travels.

Stick pins in the places you’ve been or plan your future travels. Full-size 10” (Ø 25cm) cork globe with a clear and simple world map: pinpoint cities and tick-off countries as you journey around the planet. Mounted on a stainless steel base and supplied with pins.

Been there? Done that? Show off your globetrotting exploits for all to see.
  • Width of 25cm full globe
  • Made from cork with the ability to add pins and decoration
  • Stainless steel base
  • Traditional style with a modern twist
  • Perfect for tracking your travel memories!


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