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Protect your stuff with digital technology and steel! This safe requires a PIN number for opening and can handle some abuse.

A safe that opens with a PIN number. Make up a code that is a maximum of 8 numbers long, program it into the safe, put in your valuables, and slam the door shut. It's safe. There are lots and lots of possible number combinations (10^8 to be exact), so you can sleep your nights at peace. The safe can be bolted on the wall with two 15mm steel attachments, that you can't get to without breaking down the wall or opening the safe. The safe is made to be very sturdy and durable, and once bolted on the wall, it'll be quite the problem to crack for any potential thiefs.

Because of the compact size, you can embed the safe into a wall that is thick enough, or hide it some other way. The red LED light on the safe tells you if the internal battery is running low. What if you forget the code or kick the dust and the heirs have to open the safe? No worries, it also has a hidden secret lock that can be opened with a key that is included.
  • Electric lock with a PIN code (max. 8 numbers)
  • Extra sturdy steel construction
  • Outside dimensions: 230 mm x 170mm x 180mm
  • Inside dimensions: 147mm x 125mm x 135mm
  • Weight: 2.7Kg
  • The hinges of the door are hidden inside
  • Includes 2 x 15mm steel wall attachments
  • Hidden lock that can be opened with a key in case of emergency
  • Batteries: 4 x AA


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