Dziki Bill Habanero Hot Sauce

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Hot sauces from Poland Quality flavours with less vinegar All the sauces are beind handmade No artificial ingredients Only the best chilies and spices chosen

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Dziki Bill Habanero Sauce is our first hot sauce and the reason behind the success of the brand. It’s exceptionally hot and completely different from the products you know. It’s many times hotter than the widely available so-called “spicy” sauces. At the same time, it makes for a much better dip than the popular imported products. It’s the most universal Dziki Bill Sauce, as it doesn’t significantly alter the taste of the dish. It’s a classic among hot sauces. Even Bill himself uses this sauce most of all.
First, you will taste a light sweetness, and then a slight tanginess. Thanks to the high content of capsaicin in the Habanero pepper, along with the wave of hotness, you will be hit by a very distinct taste of ripe tomatoes. This sauce tastes a little fruity thanks to Habanero peppers and has a slight vegetable flavor because of Pepperoni peppers.

The sauce is suitable for all dishes that require the umami taste. It goes exceptionally well with burgers, bruschettas, Mexican dishes and pretty much everything else. Dziki Bill Habanero contains no artificial ingredients. Its taste changes depending on the used peppers, but it is never a matter of chance. We love the moment when the burning taste of Dziki Bill brings smiles to faces and takes breaths away. Just try and you’ll get it.

Ingredients: tomato pulp (tomatoes, salt, citric acid), Habanero peppers, Chilli peppers, onion, lemon juice, sugar, apple cider vinegar, rapeseed oil, garlic, salt.
  • Dziki Bill Habanero Hot Sauce 200ml
  • All sauces are being handmade
  • Chillies are selected carefully and no artificial ingredients have been used
  • All sauces are made strictly from all natural ingredients
  • The Habanero version is also suitable for vegans


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