Dziki Bill Jalapeno Hot Sauce

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Exceptional Hot Sauces from Poland Exceptional flavours and less vinegar Sauces are all handmade to perfection No artificial ingredients have been used Only from the best quality peppers and spices

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Dziki Bill Jalapeno sauce is doubtlessly the most interesting hot sauce available in Poland. It is not much milder than the Habanero Sauce, but it has a very fresh taste, entirely different from what one might expect from a hot sauce.

First, there will be an intense smell of Jalapeno  peppers and the freshness of cumin. The first perceptible taste is a little tangy. Then, it gives way to a very strong taste of Jalapeno peppers. Cumin adds an immense freshness of taste and smell. Combined with the jalapeno peppers, it will make your eyes open wider. Fans of hot sauce know the pleasant tingling when you try something that tastes perfect and is really hot at the same time. This is exactly the effect of Dziki Bill Jalapeno.

The sauce is a great addition to every meal, seasoning it with hotness and a light sweetness. It goes well with Indian, Mexican and American food as well as dips. Bill suggests to use it in curry, shakshouka, egg sandwiches and pilaf. They also say, they know from their own experience that you’ll be adding this sauce to just about everything. When Dziki Bill first discovered this sauce, they were sure that this is it. Eureka!

Ingredients: Jalapeno peppers, onion, tomato pulp, apple cider vinegar, garlic, water, rapeseed oil, sugar, cumin.
  • Dziki Bill Jalapeno Hot Sauce 200ml
  • All sauces are handmade
  • Peppers are selected carefully and no artificial ingredients have been used
  • All sauces are made strictly from all natural ingredients
  • The Jalapeno version is also suitable for vegans


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