Fatalii Gourmet Chili Powders

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Made in Finland By Mr. Jukka 'Fatalii' Kilpinen - the chilli master Comes in a super convenient 13ml plastic tube Easy to sprinkle These are super delicious, guaranteed!

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If you or some friend of yours that likes hot foods happen to shipwreck on a deserted island with no peppers, you'd better have a couple of Fatalii Gourmet Chili Powder tubes in your pocket. Made in Finland!

Since breeding new plants that have capsaicin in them from bananas, cocoa palms, or apples, would take many (hundreds) of generations, you'll need an extremely long lasting source of chilli on your deserted island. And if the need for hotness isn't satisfied with these chilli powders, then nothing will help!

All Fatalii Gourmet products are made in Finland using Finnish subcontractors and only from the best materials. The choosing of varieties and the breeding process are the responsibility of the chilli master Jukka 'Fatalii' Kilpinen, with the experience of over 2500 varieties.

There are four different varieties of chilli powders to choose from. One milder for light spicing and one incredibly hot. With both options you can choose between traditional and smoked.

AJI CRISTAL Premium (medium hot)
Genuine Fatalii Gourmet Aji Cristal chilli powdered in an easy-to-use tube. Deliciously fruity, fresh taste. 13 ml of chilli.

AJI CRISTAL Premium smoked (medium hot)
Super delicious, smoked Fatalii Gourmet Aji Cristal powder in an easy-to-use tube. This 'magic powder' will ennoble any meal. 13 ml of chilli.

PREMIUM MIX chilli powder
Fatalii Gourmet Premium Mix chilli powder is easy to use and easy to carry with the included tube container. Includes more than 60 different chili varieties, which produce a full-bodied taste and a holistic burn sensation. Not too spicy, but has a good kick.

CHIPOTLE MIX chilli powder, smoked
Fatalii Gourmet Chipotle Mix chilli powder is a tight, smoky chilli with dozens of (50+) different, carefully selected chili varieties. Numerous types of wood has been used for smoking, which have generated a truly delicious and unique flavor. Finally, chilies are ground and canned.

ROCOTO chilli powder, smoked
At last it's here: Rocoto, the fine cut diamond of chillies. Long growing period and sometimes whimsical to grow, it is a small miracle the Rocoto is in this form and in this tube. Especially hard to achieve in Finland. The thick, fleshy and aromatic Rocoto is suitable for smoking really well, strong smoky flavor remains well and is particularly delicious. For smoking, Fatalii Gourmet does not use any essance or artificial smoke - this one is smoked with solid experience and professionalism from the best available wood. Rocoto is mildly spicy, absolute elite of them chillies and one of the most sought after product by chilliheads. Packaged conveniently into a 13ml tube container, which is easy to carry everywhere.
  • Handy chilli powder tubes
  • Easy to ration
  • Easy to carry around
  • Included is 13 ml of chilli
  • Made in Finland from only the best ingredients


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