Flask Tie

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The Flask Tie is just what you need for a surprise party - especially the kind that's on an area where you can't take your own drinks!

Yeah! Finally a tie that everyone wants to use! You see, today even women can wear a tie in the business world and look credible. Here we have several cool colour options available and each is finer than the other. The fabric is truly very shiny and feels high quality, so these ties are worthy of any company or party.

What makes these ties different from your ordinary ties is the integrated flask and a straw that allows you to transmit the contents of that pouch one step closer to your digestive system. Yes, the Flask Tie is a tie anybody would want to wear for work. You can conveniently take zips during the day, and by ordering several ties you can have a few "spare ties" in your desk drawer in case you have to swich styles in the middle of the day.
  • Pouch + straw + tie = Flask Tie
  • This means a tie with a pouch for holding a liquid
  • ... if you know what we mean
  • Also works as a regular tie
  • ... but why settle for just a tie?
  • Capacity: Enough, use something stronger if you think you'll run out
  • Navy = dark blue
  • Cardinal = red


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