Game Of Thrones Monopoly

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Game Of Thrones Monopoly Battle for the Westeros Traditional Monopoly with a new twist Tokens according theme Brtilliant together time

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Winter is coming...

No, quite literally. Soon it'll be dark by 10am and your evenings will be chilly and Simon Cowell heavy. OR you could gather some pals and battle it out for dominion over the realms of men.

This glorious collectors edition lets players purchase Craster’s Keep (Old Kent Road) and the Fist of the First Men (Whitechapel) in return for a song, or collect the landed gentry’s debts in King’s Landing (Mayfair) for the cost of an Iron Throne.

A few changes have been made, namely the old top hat being swapped for a glorious crown, that measly dog for a hulking Direwolf and the iron for an Iron Throne - but the object of the game and rules are unaltered.
  • Game Of Thrones Monopoly
  • Lisenced by Hasbro
  • Game is in English
  • Size 40 x 27 x 5
  • Traditional Monopoly with a new twist


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