How To F**king Swear Around The World Cards

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Swear with multiple languages Cards to learn how to swear Take these with you when you travel

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It's still a great big world, as any traveller knows, and nothing is worse than not having a common language when you want to share your feelings.

Yeah, ordering a cup of coffee, finding the bathroom, and getting out of a Mexican prison are important topics, but sometimes you need to express yourself more broadly. Luckily we've found cards that you can use to study the local dialect and expand your vocabulary into a bit more vulgar direction. These are cards called How To F**king Swar Around The World, and it's exactly what it says on the cover, a guide to swearing in different languages and locations.

Please note: be aware of cultural and social realities before applying the knowledge in this book in practice with strangers.
  • Cards to learn how to swear
  • Multiple languages
  • 100 Cards


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