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Made in Finland Beef Jerky from local manufacturer now comes in smaller 50g pouches as well.

Dried Buddy -company has been making drizzling beef jerky products since 2010, and the products speak for themselves - made always from high-quality, domestic meat. Grab the Original to taste the beef jerky with traditional spices and the stereotype of these kind of snacks. Haba is for those who crave a little hotter dry meat - the Haba is not insanely hot, but rather a gentle little burn you can feel around. The Naga version is the most fiery of these, it's perfect for those who like it hot!

Let's continue with Pepper: meat with pepper nuance, can't go wrong. The smoke is gently smoked and really delicious, one of our favorite! Porky, the only one which is made from pork meat.. ah, so mouth watering and greasy. When we go out to the woods, Porky will always come along! Last but not least, Garlic - proper!

Try one or two, or buy them all! All of these are also available in bigger 150g pouches and can be found here on our website. Except Garlic, it is currently only available in this smaller 50g bag.
  • Made in Finland quality grade beef jerky
  • Protein and extra energy, excellent travel snack
  • Made from beef roast, Porky is made from pork kassler
  • Free of additives and gluten


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