Keramikus Kitchen Knife Set

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Keramikus from Art Lebedev Studios is a kitchen knife set that has no rivals! The ceramic knives are completely black and they have unbeliveably ergonomic and comfortable handles. And what a blade! These cut like warm butter, so to say.

These totally sweet knives are made of a ceramic material called zirconium dioxide, and what's best, they never oxidize or rust! Even if you leave them outside. The material is also more anti-bacterial than traditional blades and can withstand the strongest of detergents.

Included are 3 knives and they're totally black. Already there's enough reason for you to buy them. Secondly, they are very hard. On a grade where diamond is 10 and steel is 6.5, these ceramic knives are about 8.5 units. The hardness means that, in practice, you don't need to sharpen them.

The Keramikus ceramic knives also are not magnetic, don't rust, can withstand acids and alkalis, and are alltogether very high quality. The ceramic knives are almost perfect, but you shouldn't cut bone with them. Also dropping them should be avoided, since they don't respond well to shocks or bending. The knife is practically made of minerals just like stones and can't withstand bending or dropping like metal would. On the other hand, you can leave them outside and wash in hydrochloric acid (the handle wouldn't like that, though).
  • Super neat ceramic knives
  • Included is a small peeling knife and two bigger knives
  • Design: Art Lebedev Studio
  • Materials: Zirconium Dioxide Ceramic
  • Washing by hand only


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