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Aren't balloons just wonderful? You can pop them, stretch them, bounce them on your head, twist them into funny shapes, cheer up parties, and even tie a bundle of them on your office chair and take flight. The only flipside is that you can't really see them in the dark. And this is where the LED Balloons step in.

As the name might have implied, these inflatable bouncy things are balloons with a lights inside. How? Well, here's the ingenious part: each ballon has a tiny LED light light inside. Just pull the small flat thingie to activate the light and after this blow the ball full of air. Ingenious! You can also fill them with helium and if you want floating balls in your parties. Ideal for gatherings in the dark, both indoors and outdoors. The LED Balloons add mysterious light into parties, weddings, etc. And since each ball gives light for about 15 hours, you can party with them from the dusk all the way to the early morning hours.

Okay, these surely weren't what Michael Faraday envisioned when he came up with the rubber balls many years ago. Maybe he just couldn't see the future and how infantile idiots would let air out of them with style, making the balls whistle like a good old fart should. And this bag that's available for less than 15 euros offers 15 of these balloons described above, so they're both cheap and a truly great way of adding the famous whoa-effect to most any situation. You can even fill a few with helium and let them loose into the night sky - and read about strange light phenomena the next day. What's best, to get everything out of the LED Balloons, you have to set the lights into minimum - and it's never a bad thing, no?
  • Balloons with LED lights
  • The balloons glow beautifully in the dark
  • 15 x LED Balloons in the package
  • Function like regular balloons
  • Not for small children under the age of 3
  • Once you activate the ball, the LED glows for ca. 15 hours


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