Nite Ize Action ArmBand

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Here's a sporty case for your phone or other gadget. Attaches to the arm.

Nite Ize Action Armband - this is the ultimate phone case - It may not change your smart phone into Pip-Boy, but we get close to the same effect. You can carry your phone, mp3-player, or any electronic gadget that fits inside, installed around your arm.

The Action ArmBand is a perfect companion for the gym or jogging track. Keep your phone at hand at all times, just slip it inside the Action ArmBand and wrap the ArmBand around your arm. The device is designed especially for iPhones and the iPod touch, but in practice most smart phones on the market fit inside. The case is waterproof and made of water repelling material, so you can also use it in the rain. However, please don't go swimming with it.

The window of the main pocket is made of touchscreen-friendly TPU plastic, so it both protects your phone and enables using it. The case also has inlets for headset or handsfree cords, and on the backside is a pocket for a credit card or driver's licence, or perhaps even some cash. In another pocket there is an S-biner where you can keep your key, and a Curvyman Cord Supervisor for organizing headset cords.

The ergonomic design enables use with arms of about 25-40cm in diameter. The flexible construction guarantees comfort of use in any activity.
  • Phone case that is attached to the arm
  • Can be attach to the bicep or wrist if you have a thick enough wrist
  • Designed especially for iPhones, but also compatible with other phones
  • Back pocket for credit cards and/or cash
  • S-biner for attaching a key
  • Headset cord organizer included
  • You can use your phone's touchscreen when it's inside the Action ArmBand
  • Reflective details that help seeing in the dark


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