On the Rock Glass

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On the Rock Glasses are the best thing that's happened to DIY mansion lords in years! Also included is an ice tray.

There's a small mountain (=rock) on the bottom of the glass, on top of which (= on the rock!) your ice ball (made with the tray) starts to rotate wildly, if you shake the glass a little. This helps the liquid breath and mix, and makes your drink cool down very quickly. Before you know it, you'll be pouring a second serving. The perfectly round, big ice ball also last for very long. This is the last whisky or cognac glass you'll ever need.
  • The perfect glass
  • Capacity ~1,5 deciliters
  • Glass diameter & height: 9cm
  • Ice tray included, makes fairly big and perfectly round ice cubes, one at a time
  • The bottom of the glass is shaped such that you can roll the ice ball around it
  • This rolling motion adds air to the liquid and helps the ice cube cool the drink down


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