Pet Head Shampoo

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Us humans don't always settle for just one bottle of shapmoo, so why should our pets? Thanks to Pet Head, you can finally offer your beloved furball three unique treatments.

Pet Head Shampoo is more than just a series of bottles with different scents. Pet Head tackles three common pet problems: Life's an Itch soothes bug bites and dry skin, a real relief for Snoopy and Garfield in hot summer days, when they spend most of their time outdoors. Dirty Talk was designed to remove all the weird smells that pets sometimes have. Instead of just covering the smell, Dirty Talk gets to the source and neutralises the odours where they originate.

And last but not least bottle number three: Quicki Quick is the perfect product for removing the walking flea circus quickly. Easy to apply and designed for easy removal with a quick wash, it's a great solution when you don't have the time or energy to groom your pet over completely. This super cool Pet Head Shampoo product lineup will keep your pet clean and fresh no matter what piles of suspicious materials they have rolled in.


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