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Sick of carrying around unnecessary junk? Pokitt is a revolutionary NEW concept in wallet design for Credit Card/Smart Card storage, Pokitt is designed to carry just what you need, the bare essentials.

Pokitt is an Ultra Slimline Wallet moulded from a soft & flexible Polymer material. Pokitt is only 12.5mm (less than ½" thick) X 90mm X 60mm. Pokitt contains room for only the bare essentials you need & when you do not want to carry a bulging purse or wallet.
  • RFID Friendly
  • Ultra Slimline Design
  • Fits 2 X Credit Cards, Transport Cards, Drivers Licence
  • Soft & Flexible
  • Conforms to your body shape (you won't know it's there)
  • Great Colour Combinations Available


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