Power Poo

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Poo related card game The winner gets all the poo 40 different poos in the deck

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My poo is better than your poo! Interessed? Power Poo is a poo themed game, played in jet sets, with champagne at your hand.

And how is the game played? The package includes 40 cards with pictures of animal poos. The feces of each animal are divided into 4 scoring segments: size, frequency, pungency an gross factor. Cards are shuffled and dealed with each participant, face down.

Players keep the cards so that only the top card is turned. The player on the left hand side of the dealer starts, by reading one of the 4 sectors, for example, the gross factor value 67. Then each player reads gross factor from their cards, and the one who haves most gross poo at their hand, wins the round.

Player who wins the round will get the honor of starting the next round, and this will be continued for as long as one player has all the poo in his hand.
  • Poo related card game
  • Explore the magic of animal poo while playing


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