R.E.V 2 A.I Vehicles

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  • R.E.V 2 A.I Vehicles
  • R.E.V 2 A.I Vehicles
  • R.E.V 2 A.I Vehicles
  • R.E.V 2 A.I Vehicles
  • R.E.V 2 A.I Vehicles
R.E.V 2 A.I smart vehicle Play with friend or by yourself In Campaign mode A.I battles with you Maybe the coolest thing since tin toys

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Take control of the power of R.E.V. with the free R.E.V. APP! Battle with friend or against A.I
Download the APP to your smartphone or tablet and link it with a R.E.V. vehicle to play and compete in real-world battles and challenges!

R.E.V. vehicles know where they are in relation to each other. BeaconSense Technology enables R.E.V.s to track each other from up to 5 meters away.

R.E.V. tracks the status and location of other R.E.V. vehicles in real time, so its Artificial Intelligence continuously adjusts its tactics. When damaged, it’ll flee until it can heal. When you’re damaged, it’ll zero in for the kill

Game modes are Arena: The default mode after connecting to your R.E.V. car. Tap the A.I. button to discover cars nearby and battle a fleet of A.I. drivers who exist for the sole purpose of hunting you down.

Campaign: In campaign mode, you'll encounter every type of enemy from Drivers to Warriors to Bosses. Defeat the A.I. you're tasked with to encounter the next one. If you survive, the weapons and specials possessed by your opponent will become available for your use. Can you survive the gauntlet?
  • Battle with friend or against A.I
  • BeaconSence technology
  • Game modes: Arena and Campaign
  • Infrared beams as ammo
  • Requires 4 x AA battery (not included)


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