Scho-Ka-Kola Milk Chocolate

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  • Scho-Ka-Kola Milk Chocolate
Wicked energy chocolate Contains lots of caffeine Use with caution if you want to sleep Very good milk chocolate version Great energy chocolate from Germany!

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Still on the crest of fashion and all things progressive, the classic Lapland burners' chocolate, shipped in a metal box and guranteed to bring alertness to where there isn't supposed to be any! Developed around 1935 to win the war, now served for drivers, students, and other tired people.

May we present, Sco-Ka-Kola Energy Chocolate! Includes a sh*t ton of caffeine and keeps your mind alert in places where it isn't supposed to be possible! No more unhealthy and expensive canned liquids, when you get the same effect from a few pieces of healthy chocolate.

Scho-Ka-Kola - For those who own the night, multitaskers and the young at heart. Since 1935!
  • Scho-Ka-Kola milk chocolaty caffeine chocolate
  • 4 pieces have the same amount of caffeine as a strong cup of espresso
  • There's a bit more coffee flavor in this than in the dark version
  • The 100g metal box includes 16 mouth watering chocolate slices
  • Includes cocoa, coffee beans, cola nuts
  • Caffeine 200mg / 100g
  • Energy: 533kcal / 100g
  • Not for children, those sensitive to caffeine, or pregnant women


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