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If you like to drink beer, and do it extremely quickly, there's an invention that helps you down a can in a second! Shotgun Champ - the quickest beer shotgunning on earth!

Shotgunning cans has been an American tradition since the first beers were canned. To shotgun a beer, you punch a hole on the bottom part of the can, place your mouth around the hole and finally open the regular opening mechanism. This combination of two holes makes the beer come out as quickly as you can drink it. The downside has been the tool used for punching the holes - screwdrivers, keys, knives, etc., that can leave the sides of the hole sharp and tattered, and so the sharp edges can hurt your fingers or lips.

The Shotgun Champ makes this American (college) tradition easier, safer, and a whole lot quicker! With the Shotgun Champ you turn the can into a shotgun in a second. Just press the gadget through the bottom of the can, lift the can up, bring the nozzle of the Champ on your lips and open the can normally: Be prepared, everything will come out in a few seconds! Some ample tests show that the liquid comes out of a 330ml can at a speed that's 266% faster than with ordinary methods. Lots of fun with little money!
  • Brings shotgunning beer to a new level
  • The can empties in less than 2 seconds
  • The product is designed such that no beer goes to waste
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Made in the USA


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