Solar Camping Shower

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Warm your shower water with sun Capacity of 20 litres Shower end gives evenly shower

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Flipping over a water bag over your head may sound quite silly, but it really isn't, when you're hiking in the wilderness far from the civilized world and you're longing for the famous hot shower. Just fill this 20 liter, solar powered bladder with water, leave it in the sun for a few hours and start washing yourself.

Perfect for festivals, hiking trips, for tent campers and trekkers - the totally mobile pocket Solar Camping Shower is a big vinyl bag that warms the water inside using sun rays. So you can enjoy warm water at any place, at any time. No need for plumbing work or electricity.

Just fill the bag with water, place it on, for example, a rock, black side upwards, and let the sun warm it for a few hours. The warming time varies with the ambient temperature, but on a sunny day with a temperature of 21°C, the water temperature rises to about 40.5°C in about three hours. Just keep in mind that the temperature may rise up to 48°C, and that's pretty hot!

Once the water has warmed, you can hang the bag from a branch or a similar place, and start undressing. The 20 liter capacity is more than enough for a good enjoyable shower. The Solar Camping Shower is shipped as a complete package that includes the business end of the shower, a switch for controlling the water flow, and a string for hanging the bag. Now you can feel fresh anywhere!
  • Ideal for hiking, camping, and trekking
  • Can hold 20 liters of fluid inside
  • Waterproof fabric
  • The shower end gives a nice even shower
  • Hose length: 600mm
  • Dimensions: 410 x 560mm


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