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Stone massage is a traditional therapy, where stones are used for thermotherapeutic massage. This ancient relaxation treatment and its origins date back over 5000 years.

Stone massage has been a part of eastern medicine for over 5000 years, and it has resurfaced in recent years and become very popular all around the world. Masseurs and therapists see the stones just like their predecessors: as tools that can be used to bring balance, nourish, energize, and get the client as relaxed as possible.

Warm stone massage gives your body an opportunity to relax its muscles and your mind to forget its worries. The massaging feels soft, warm, and pain-free, but is still surprisingly efficient. In addition to the psychological effects, the warmth has physiological effects as well. Cold or lukewarm stones can also be used in stone massage. Cold stones are great for reducing inflammation and swelling.

What we have here is a great little gift bag with stones inside. The included stones are either heated up or cooled down, depending on the intended use, and can provide a luxurious massage experience anytime, anywhere. Shipped in a fancy box that works great as a gift.

Those that go through stone massage can notice relief in muscle pains, circulation problems, rheumatic symptoms, back pains, stress, anxiety, and general tenseness, sleep problems, depression, etc. Don't underestimate the stones! The stones are applied on the spine, arms, legs, between the toes, or anywhere you need them at - experience instant relaxation by using incense and the stones!
  • Stone massage therapy set
  • Includes stones, incense, and a candle
  • Manual includes comprehensive instructions for use
  • Velvet bag includes 9 different sized stones
  • Incense
  • Holder for the incense
  • Scented candle and holder
  • Gift box dimensions: 22 x 14 x 4cm


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