Storm Glass Globe

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Predict the weather from crystals Nice and classy forecast equipment used since 17 hundreds

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Man has predicted, or at least tried to predict the weather ever since. Today, there are weather satellites, but making prediction often seems to be very challenging, or at least to hit them.

If you want to be a weatherman, you must get your self a Storm Globe, which predicts the weather using its crystals. Storm glasses has been used for weather prediction on ships from the 1750s, and the story tells, that Charles Darwin used storm glass on his way to the Galapagos Islands.

So how does your storm globe work? Storm Globe is filled with liquid and crystals. Changes in atmospheric pressure affect the brightness of the liquid and crystall behavior.
  • When the liquid is clear, clear and sunny weather.
  • Murky liquid indigates cloudy and possible rain
  • Small spots in the liquid are subject to mist
  • Murky liquid and small crystals, storm in the summer and snow in the winter
  • Small crystals in the liquid, on a clear winter day, snowfall
  • Large flakes in liquid, in summer cloudy and snow in the winter
  • Crystals fall to the bottom, frost is coming
  • Long crystals at the top of the globe are predicting strong winds
  • Allow the storm globe to level for a couple of weeks after receiving it
  • Place your storm globe near the window
  • Size: 14.5 x 10 x 19cm


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