Sushi Bazooka 2 pcs Kit

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Sushi Bazooka makes rollin sushi a delight Updated version with cutting board

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Sushi is originally an old Japanese dish that has refined to its current form during the past centuries.

Sushi is fun to make also at home - and it's fun to have proper sushi nights! As long as the ingredients are right! The only tasking and challenging part of making sushi is setting the portions into their signature shape, rolled up. Okay, there are bamboo mats available for rolling, but we think they're troublesome and desperation may arise when trying to create aesthetic, easy-to-cut rolls with them.

The idea of the Sushi Bazooka is that the rice and other fillings are stuffed inside the cylinder without the seaweed wrap. After this the cylinder is closed and a lid is pressed on the tip. Included is a rod with which the rice mass is compressed. After compressing the lid is removed and again the rod is used, and an even, solid mass is pressed out of the tip of the cylinder. After this the condensed mass is placed on a seaweed bed and simply rolled inside it. A condense, easy-to-cut roll is guaranteed.

  • Easy way for making sushi
  • New updated bazooka with cutting board
  • Easy to wash thanks to the separate parts
  • Made of plastic
  • Machine washing not recommended
  • Aesthetic, easy-to-cut end result
  • Included are English instructions and sushi recipes


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