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A set of four notebooks, each of which is shaped to remind of the tabs of a folder. Now you have a notebook that can be handily "ear marked" with a header describing that notebook. Taking notes around a certain subject area is thus easy and a bit showy.

And that's not all, the pages of the different notebooks are also color-coded! This really helps you keep for example work related stuff and grocery shopping lists separate and you have an easier and faster access to your different stuff.

A total of 256 pages of paper, in varying colors, in four different notebooks and with hard cardboard covers. Perfect for recipes, separate projects, organizing things, or priorising work projects. You can never do a task meticulously enough!
  • Largish note taking system
  • A total of 256 pages for notes
  • 4 pcs of separate notebooks that function as a whole
  • Separate compartments that look like folder tabs
  • Color coded pages that help organize things
  • Cardboard covers


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