Tight Wallet

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Super Slim Wallet Holds up to 20 cards Italian leather and elastic Designed by Jack Sutter Less is more

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Brooklyn designer Jack Sutter's mission statement is that "nothing should be bigger or more complicated than it has to be."

Made from a combination of soft Italian leather and high-quality elastic, the beautifully simple Tight Wallets keep your pocket clutter neatly in check. Tidily tucking away just about anywhere, without adding any unnecessary (and unsightly!) bulk to your jeans or your bag.

Scarcely detectable in even the tightest of pockets – at last, a wallet that respects the curvaceous silhouette of your firm and toned derrière.

It's super flexible so cards are easy to put in and remove; it stretches and retracts to such an extent that you can carry as few as 2 or 3 cards and as many as 20! You can even slip it round your phone and there's a sneaky little pocket to store notes, coins, plectrums, a photo of a loved one – whatever you desire.

Keep your pocket necessities tight like a tiger with this snug, stylish and stretchy wallet.
  • Keep your pocket necessities tight like a tiger
  • Crafted from soft Italian leather and high-quality elastic
  • Double stitched to provide extra durability.
  • Fits neatly anywhere without adding any unnecessary bulk
  • Includes a hidden little pocket for money etc.


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