Totty Clicker

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Mechanical counter Keep track for people count

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Is there a complete screw up in your ring of buddies or do you want to keep track of the Chuck Norris jokes told during the leisurely evening? Whether the answer is yes or no, you can use the Totty Clicker to keep track of most anything.

The Clickers are launched in made contexts for counting flirts - the folklore says that restaurant doormen also use them to count the number of people coming in. The idea itself is old as dirt, but the idea of the Clicker has still stood the test of time, ever so functional and useful. Thanks to the mechanical steel construction the gadget is almost impossible to break by accident and it also makes a pleasant snapping sound when you click with it.
  • Keeps a running count 0-9999
  • Small size
  • Mechanical machinery
  • Attachment loop
  • Reset screw


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