Undercover Mini Sleeve

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The Stealth iPhone cover does to small devices like iPod, iPhone etc. what the Stealth Laptop cover did to portable computers.

Simply put it's a small sleeve that enables you to carry a valuable iPhone or other device so that to outsiders it just looks like you're carrying a simple worn out post envelope. This means that your iPhone, iPod, external hard drive, other cell phone or camera remains protected and nobody can guess that the sleeve hides valuables inside.

Ir really looks at first glance like a really worn envelope that nobody will find worth anything. No suspicious person that happens to see it will guess its true worth. So you'll never have to worry about thiefs anymore. It also has a reasonably good padding, keeping your valuable portable device protected from bumps and bruises.
  • Stealthy way of camouflaging portable small devices
  • Designed to look like a tired, worn envelope
  • Padded interior protects your electronics from dents
  • You can write on it, it's splash proof and doesn't tear
  • Funny little details that make it differ from a real envelope
  • Doesn't get delivered anywhere if you toss in a mailbox
  • Electronic device max dimensions: 9 x 2.5 x 12 cm


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