Vinturi Wine Aerator For White Wine

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  • Vinturi Wine Aerator For White Wine
  • Vinturi Wine Aerator For White Wine
  • Vinturi Wine Aerator For White Wine

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This Vinturi here is white which means it's designed for white wines. There is also a black Vinturi for red wines and a Spirit model for hard liquors. All versions can be found on are pages.

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Wine that's allowed to breathe tastes better. In other words wine opens up when allowed to breathe, and releases the flavours and aromas it's supposed to. Traditionally this is done with decanters, but properly done decanting takes time, is cumbersome, and generally unpleasant to do.

Vinturi is here to ease this biggest of problems - the patented design speeds up the abovementioned process and makes it easy, quick, and fantastic to look at. The perfect aeration is achieved instantly, and the wine is immediately ready for drinking. When wine is poured through Vinturi, the funnel inside increases the acceleration of the liquid and reduces pressure. The resulting difference in pressure tries to even up, and thus air is introduced to the equation, and the perfect aeration is achieved for the wine. All you have to do is keep Vinturi above the glass and pour wine through it. Vinturi mixes in just the right amount of air in just the right amount of time. Your wine breathes immediately. You will notice a better taste and softer end result.

Better smell
Sample with your nose. You will appreciate the fine differences in aromas and the fact that you know you'll be getting everything out of your wine. Vinturi is meant to bring out all the aromas of the wine.

Better taste
Take a sip. You'll notice that Vinturi's wine tastes better. It's much more nuanced and has a better feel. It tastes richer and more expensive. It tastes excactly as it is meant to.

Better end result
Ahh - Vinturi's aeration is really efficient and it softens the tannins of the wine, creating a much more pleasant end result. Bitternes or bad after taste are radically reduced or alltogether eliminated.
  • Pour your white wine thorugh this apparatus straight in the glass
  • You don't need to let your wine sit for aeration before service
  • Table rack and carry bag included
  • Machine-washable


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