Vinturi Wine Areator Mini

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Wine that has been allowed to breathe tastes better. In other words the wine opens when it breathes, and releases flavors and aromas. Traditionally this has been done with decanters, but decanting done properly takes time, is clumsy, and generally unpleasant to do.

The Vinturi Mini is the newest wine aerator, from the original and most sold wine aerator manufacturer, Vinturi. In addition to the compact size and ease of use, Vinturi Mini has all the properties as the original Vinturi for red wines. If you're a friend of wine and you use a decanter at home and let the wine breathe before drinking, the Vinturi Mini is the perfect device for travelling.

Using the Vinturi Mini is child's play, just place the aerator over the glass and pour the wine through it. Vinturi's patented technology lets the wine pass at precisely the right speed and adds just the right amount of air into it. And yes, this is fast, the wine is ready for drinking immediately.
  • Wine aerator for red wines
  • Compact size
  • Patented technology
  • Vinturi


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