Wingnut Pencil Sharpener

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Ooh, a wingnut-shaped pencil sharpener must be the dream tool of every pencil-sharpening teacher (and student) and the best thing since the keyring. And why not, the wingnut is one of the greatest design marvels of our time, whose existence should not be taken lightly. A wingnut is just like any regular nut but with two metallic "wings" enable opening (and closing) it without using any tools, all you need is finger power and you'll get a good tightness.

The same principle applies to this pencil sharpener, it's not just the easiest possible way of sharpening dull pencils but also provides the neatest and coolest way of doing it! The industrial revolution now gives you something totally amazing - it may seem old-fashioned, but it's actually quite a modern invention!
  • Totally cool pencil sharpener
  • Your pencil will shorten once you turn the wing
  • You can't find a finer sharpener anywhere
  • 100% chrome and metal


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