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The BAR10DER is the dream tool for bartenders and those who wish to be one. It includes 10 different tools needed by modern mixers.

This does to preparing drinks what the Swiss Army did to pocket knives! The BAR10DER is the dream tool for anybody who prepares drinks. It includes, among others, the following implements: fruit crusher, measure cup, sieve, mixing stick, corkscrew, knife, etc. A more detailed list in the bullets below.

And what's best, the product doesn't look boring, but has lively colour themes, of which you can choose one to your liking.
  • Sturdy design
  • Attractive looks
  • Good useability
  • Fruit crusher - for crushing and grinding
  • Mixing stick - for mixing
  • Knife - for cutting
  • Second knife - for more precise cutting
  • Citrus iron - for grating
  • Citrus screw - for squeezing juice
  • Measure cup - for measuring
  • Bottle opener - for opening
  • Corkscrew - for screwing
  • Sieve - for sieving


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