Credit Card Multi Tool

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Smart cards have conveniently delivered us from evil: From signing receipts to quick receipts. Now this debit card-sized multitool liberates you from carrying loads of little tools with you, and functions as a quick help for tasks that call for everyday heroism.

This little stainless steel piece of art, that is really the size of a credit card, is shipped with a leather protective pouch. It's at home in the wallet, a gift box, or at work fixing various things.

In addition to being totally sweet and cool, the gadget has the potential to solving all kinds of problems: In case you need to measure something (that's less than 5cm long...), open a can, cut something with a small blade, screw, or look cool at the bar, this little marvel comes to help. This multitool doesn't leave anybody unphased. It even has a built-in compass mechanism, that's no less than mystical in nature. Using it is easy when you learn how to: it involves using water drops and magnetized little metal chips. You figure out the rest.
  • 10-in-1 debit card-sized tool
  • Can opener, knife blade, flat head screwdriver, 5cm ruler, bottle opener, monkey wrenchish tool with 4 settings, another "monkey wrench", wingnut opener, and the mythical spare compass
  • Also a hole for keychains, strings, or other useless attachment options
  • Protective case included, so your trousers or wallet will keep neat and unscratched


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