Mathmos Lava Lamp Telstar

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  • Mathmos Lava Lamp Telstar
  • Mathmos Lava Lamp Telstar
  • Mathmos Lava Lamp Telstar
  • Mathmos Lava Lamp Telstar
  • Mathmos Lava Lamp Telstar

Product info

Mathmos Telstar is on of the most classic design pieces, instantly recognizable around the world.

Lava lamps: These hippie symbols from the 60s and 70s all but disappeared in the 80s, but made a convincing comeback in the 3rd millenium. We believe that each generation needs to cycle through the same experiences in life, and so you can be assured that what is out now will be in within the next 20 years. Just think about dinosaurs. Who cares about the stinking reptiles anyway? Jurassic Park saturated us to the limit with dinosaurs, but you can be certain that they'll make a comeback sooner or later.

Now is the time for lava lamps. More and more people feel the need to enhance their home with this invention by Edward Craven-Walker from 1963. Luckily enough, we have a few in our catalogue. This particular design is from the 70s, so you might even say it's from the more contemporary end of the scale. It is perfectly suitable for creting either a futuristic scifi atmosphere or for functioning as a centerpiece in some weird hippie ceremony promoting love and world peace.

The Telstar is one of the best looking lava lamps ever made. The name is probably borrowed from one of the most famous communications satellites - the Telstar.
  • Handcrafted
  • Original and Genuine
  • Height: 500mm
  • Uses mains current
  • Lamp socket: 220-250V 50/60Hz Max 30W SES E14 spot light bulb (one included, spare bulbs widely available)


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