Newton's Cradle

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Classic Newton's Cradle Demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy Good looking and hypnotic apparatus

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Sir Isaac Newton has taught us that every force has an equal and opposite reaction. This apparatus is commonly called Newton's cradle, it has been named by unquestionably one of the greatest scientist in the history of mankind.

Newton's cradle demonstrates in the simple way of movement and the energy conservation law. Each ball is attached to the frame with same length string, equally distanced from each other. When you drag the outermost ball back and let go, it is thrown in to the next ball and generates a chain reaction in which the outermost balls swings alternately.

This hypnotic movement will continue until the kinetic energy has fled from the balls. Newton's cradle has been a familiar desktop toy since it was developed in late 60's.
  • Classic desktop toy
  • Demonstrates the movement and the energy conservation law
  • Named after Sir Isaac Newton
  • Platform Size 18 x 12 x 2cm
  • Frame height 18cm


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