Syttis The Ignition Ball

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One of the best fire starters Choose suitable box for you Burning time about 15min

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Syttis® makes lighting a fire easy! The Syttis ignition ball is an ecological, easy-to-use option for lighting a fire: ignite the fuse of the ignition ball, place the ball among the firewood and enjoy a warm fire without any superfluous soot or grime.

Syttis balls even ignite damp firewood quickly and they can be used in various situations: use them to light a fire in a fireplace, baking oven, sauna stove or grill or to make a campfire while hiking.

Syttis balls are manufactured in Finland and made of parafin and wood-processing residue. They do not contain any harmful petrochemical substances. Syttis balls make a safe, efficient and ecological fire!

Syttis Fire Starter Balls are available in handy camping-size packages of 6 balls and in larger packages of 20 balls.
  • Multipurpose fire starting aid for home and leisure
  • Does not reguire additional kindling
  • The Syttis ball has an match like ignition, you need no other equipment to make fire
  • Burning time about 15min
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very efficent fire starter, will start any fire without problems
  • You can hold it in your hand while igniting
  • Does not smell or make any mess to your clothes of fingers
  • Pleasant odour and form, the burning process does not smell at all
  • Quality aid for igniting a fire
  • Patented design
  • Made in Tuupovaara, Finland
  • Available in handy package sizes: 6, 20 or 80pcs


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