Tin Can Killer Carnivorous Kit

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Grow your own Venus Fly Trap! Very easy to use kit, includes everything Except water, sunlight and tender love care Soon you'll have your own carnivorous plant The fly trap likes flies

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Grow your own carnivorous plant - delivered in an easy to use jar, just add water and sunlight (and flies)! A live fly trap in your kitchen keeps banana flies in check for summers and winters. In fact, you might even get excited about breeding flies for this beast! No we are not lying!

If you thought growing plants is fun, then wait until they start devouring uninvited guests from your kitchen! Grow a meat-eating beast from mere seeds! There are only a few examples where a member of a flora can cope with the power of the animal kingdom - the Venus Fly Trap carnivorous plant is probably the most famous of the few examples. It may sound strange if we say that of all the possible pieces of meat this plant could eat, the flies are on its main menu - maybe they are easy to catch ... Admit it, you don’t very often see a plant defeating a flying insect with its own natural tricks - right?

The natural growing environment for these plants is in South-Carolina USA - and growing them indoors requires as similar an environment as possible to the original growing site. That is, preferably moist and warm. The set is delivered in a tin can that includes everything ready - you just pop the lid open and start watering and green thumbing to your best.
  • Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap Carnivorous Plant
  • Easy to use set
  • The can contains all the nutrients and other substances
  • You just need to add water, sunshine and care
  • To make the plant bloom: Water it regularly
  • Plant Size: Depends on how green your thumb is


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