Bull's Dart Boards

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The Advantage II Dartboard has now been replaced with newer model X-Tra Bristle.

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Play darts in style! The super high quality Bull's Dart Boards are made to the exact specifications of the World Dats Federation. Bull's dart supplies are known for their high quality and wallet-friendly prices.

Darts is a game and a sport, where special darts are thrown at a round board attached to the wall. It's especially popular in pubs in the Great Britain, Neatherlands, and Scandinavia. The BDO's MM competition of 2010 was followed in the TV by 4 million British viewers. In the game two players (or teams) takes turns at throwing three darts at a time. The darts usually weigh 20-26 grams and are balanced with wolfram. In the past the darts were made of brass, but those kinds of darts are not thin enough for competitive use.

We chose for our selection two of Bull's most popular Darts Boards - the beginner-friendly Classic Bristle and the Advantage II, meant for serious competitive use. The darts board is placed on the wall so that the bull's eye (the center) is 1.73 meters from the floor level. The throwing distance is 2.37 meters from the front surface of the board. The board is usually made of plant fibers (like sisal), pressed tightly together and glued onto a wooden backboard. Both boards include a 3 x set of Bull's high quality steeldart darts!

The rules of the darts game itself can be easily found online.
Bull's Classic Bristle
  • Classic dart board
  • Great for beginners
  • Made of sisal (a solid plant fabric)
  • The thickness guarantees a long lifetime for the board
  • Dimensions: 45 x 4cm
  • Conforms to official regulations
  • Powder-painted numbers
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Bull's standard springs
  • Screws etc. for wall attachment included
Bull's Advantage II (Replaced by X-Tra Bristle)
  • Made to WDF specifications
  • OFficial WDF board for years by now
  • Made of top quality African plant fibers
  • Patented, staple-free steel bands 60% thinner than usually
  • Bounceout almost completely eliminated
  • Powder-painted numbers frame
  • Bull's Profix springs
  • Screws etc. for wall attachment included


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