Waboba Moon Bouncing Ball

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The most bouncy bouncing bounce ball in history has just bounced into Pulju! The stratosphere-scraping Waboba's new and weird-looking Moon Ball super ball is here, catch it if you're fast enough!

If you're sitting there and thinking, what on earth is such a bouncing ball doing at a fine and polished specialty item net store, you must not be aware of the capabilities of the smotheringly cool latest super ball by Waboba... This gadget of the day, unnoticeable in the market, just a bouncing ball, may seem as exciting as an ER episode, but this is not just an ordinary super ball... no no... This is a very, very special super ball.

This completely novel super ball is made of some mythical combination of rubber and moon materials. Whatever it is, it's something great, since we haven't been able to stop playing with these little devils - a few even managed to bounce out of our underground laboratory, straight through our warehouse stairway into the CEO's penthouse office on the 22nd floor!

For real, the miraculous bounce properties of the ball is what makes playing with these so addictive. There's not much more to say about this, except that it's a really entertaining pocket-sized toy that brings lots of joy for the money!
  • New and special bouncing ball by Waboba
  • Waboba originally developed that one ball that bounces on water
  • Black/yellow colour theme won't go unnoticed
  • The surface remotely resembles the surface of the moon, craters and all
  • Fun times for little cash
  • Comes in assorted colours


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