Cajohn's Black Mamba 6 Million Limited Edition

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Cajohn's Black Mamba 6 is made of carefully-selected Chocolate habaneros, Vinegar, and a 6 million Scoville extract - This if anything makes the current Black Mamba sauce much fiercer than the previous Mambas.

The mission of Mamba Six is, according to Cajohn's, to create pain and endless waves of satanic flames that pound away in the souls of those unfortunate enough to have been tasted it. This 15th year edition of Limited Edition Black Mamba is shipped in a nice-looking, flat 100ml bottle.

Please note that this has more than enough kick. If compared to ordinary jalopeno, this is about 1200 times hotter! Only use a small drop at a time, and don't leave in the reach of children. 6 million Scovilles is no laughing matter.
  • Cajohn's Limited Edition Black Mamba
  • 60ml bottle
  • SHU 6.000.000


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