Magic 8 Ball

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Mystic 8 ball gives an answer to problems Shake the ball and take the answer

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Ask the 8-ball a question, it knows the answers to many things that are bothering you.

Every American household includes a Magic 8 Ball - or so they've made us believe, based on its constant visibility in comedy and drama series. There has to be something magical hidden in here.

And this is how it goes: You ask the Magic 8 Ball a question, shake it a little, and peek through the hole on the bottom. See, that's where the answer lies. The question has to be well formed, however: "Does the sun shine tomorrow?" or "Will Ridge yield to Brooke's demands in the next episode?", the ball can't answer "Why's my order so late from again?".

If you forget one of these on the desktop, you can be sure that people will try it out (it's also a great paperweight, by the way). It also looks like a big billiards ball, which we think is good. Or like our 8-ball told us - not.


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