Mini Cellphone Dual SIM

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Super-mini cell phone as a backup phone for instance! Only 3mm thick SMS messages, phone calls Naturally, not much "smart" properties to be expected But thats why it is bought!

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Possibly the smallest mobile phone in the world, the Mini Cellphone is only 13mm thick, sized like a cigarette lighter.

Now you can ask that what is a modern mobile device worth without all those extra features. We could say that its worth the inverse of it's size in gold, being small, affordable, and highly functional. On the other hand it's expendable. If you drop one in the lake, you'll be more annoyed by losing the SIM card than by getting a replacement phone.

The miniature sized phone uses GSM networks and has a 0.66" LCD display. It has all the standard features of modern, cheap cellphones, see the bullets below for details. Perfect spare phone for the fishing or camping trip, or first phone for the kid.
  • Worlds smallest Dual-SIM Cellphone
  • Weighs only 25g
  • 120hrs standby with full charge
  • Place for max 32GB Micro SD memory card
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Dimensions: 7 x 1.3 x 3cm
  • Language: english


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