Squishy Mash Ball Stress Ball

Changes colour when you squeeze it Soft and elastic material Mesh net on top adds a nice effect Ball diameter: Ø 6cm

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Product info

Squishy Stress Ball - A ball shaped object which is designed in one way or another to relieve stress. Usually, various stress toys are small widgets or squeezable clumps that fit in your pocket, but this one here is more familiar from viruses and it feels disgusting.

But not in a bad way ... Best of all, this Stress Ball changes color when squeezed. The net around the ball also creates its own nice addition as the color-changing bump begins to squeeze through the mesh. Improves mood and coordination when squeezed in the right places and in the right ways. Relieves stress by about 50% when squeezing and ensures stress disappears into the pit when squeezing at critical moments.
  • Stress Ball
  • Changes color when you squeeze it
  • Looks and feels quite strange
  • But it works like a decent stress ball should
  • Ball diameter: Ø 6cm
  • Product package size: 6.5 x 6.5 x 7cm
  • Weight: 111g


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    14.04.2022 - Pep

    Very cool gadget! I got it to relieves pain stiffness in my hand and it works good for that. But also it's cool to look at and does have a calming effect. I recommend this ball.